Welcome to The Miniature Art Fair Lagos

The Miniature Art Fair in Lagos is a free annual art event that is unique in that it is a basket that brings together established and new artists with an offering of miniatures that are also uniquely accessible to both the mature and the new collector. The miniatures are affordable but no less exquisite, nor less delightful, for it.

This is the fourth edition and will take place on 8th of April up till the 10th of April, 2023 at the Mega Plaza Car Park – 19 Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Opening times are from 11am to 6pm.

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Saturday 8th April

11 a.m Official Opening of the Fair by Professor Duro Oni

3 p.m Speed painting performance by Victoria Ndubuisi

12 noon to 6 p.m Face painting for Guests by Kolawole Olalekan

4 p.m Performance by Karkarkey the percussionist

Sim Card – Master of Ceremony

Sunday 9th April

4 p.m Artist talk with Kunle Adeyemi, MFA, PhD, fsna.

“Presentation of art, storage and cataloging “

Monday 10th April

1 p.m Craft and painting for children

Admission Is Free



Presented by:

Iwalewa Gallery of Art

Ogirikan Art Gallery

Fair Sponsors:

Mega Plaza Shopping Mall

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The first edition of the Miniature Exhibition 2018 was a steer of the unprecedented prospects of the unfolding dimensions of the creative industry in Nigeria.

— Artist Pius Remet


Last years miniature art fair was clearly one of my favorite art exhibitions in 2018. With a wide selection of artists, pieces and styles, there was truly something for everyone. I also love that the price points enabled almost everyone get into the market. Really excited about this years event!

—  DJ Babus


Our failure to appreciate life’s miniature may well be responsible for our lack of appreciation of larger realities in our world. Let’s pay attention to details in an ant as much as we would in an elephant for they both exist as artistic examples of life on Earth. Let us learn more about this from the Miniature Exhibition.

— Professor John Ogene


I caught the art bug a few years ago. The miniature Exhibition 2018 was a breathtaking event for me; to say the least. Here art enabled me to find as well as loose myself. It remains one of my lasting memories

— Eugene Egbuson


As a Person in the Creative Buisness I would say the Miniature Exhibition 2018 is a clear case of thinking outside the Box , simply because the event stood out

— Ghweleke Akpos a.k.a SimCarD